Exploring the Potential of ReSalt: Pioneering Sustainable Winter Solutions (video included)

Exciting news is in the air as we eagerly anticipate the results of our recent trials in the heart of winter. Despite the already deep winter conditions, we’ve been hard at work testing samples and key ingredients of our eco-friendly deicer, and the results are nothing short of promising.

At ReSalt, our mission is to revolutionize winter maintenance by harnessing the power of nature. Our deicer is meticulously crafted from natural ingredients like beetroot powder, coconut coir, and other environmentally friendly components. These ingredients not only promise effectiveness but also prioritize sustainability, setting the stage for a greener approach to snow and ice management.

In our recent trials, we mixed our deicer with wood chip mulch and treated designated areas for comparison with untreated zones. The outcome? Exceptional. The treated areas remained remarkably free of snow accumulation for over two days, showcasing the potential of our product in preventing winter woes. Meanwhile, untreated sections bore witness to snow buildup, underscoring the undeniable advantage of utilizing ReSalt.

Our tests encompassed various surfaces, including soft ground, asphalt, tiles, and wood floor balconies, with consistent success across the board. While our product is still in the refinement stage, these early results fill us with optimism for the future.

Delving Deeper into Our Tests:

Let’s take a closer look at the methodology and findings of our trials:


  • We meticulously prepared samples of our environment-friendly deicer, to create a potent yet environmentally friendly solution.
  • These samples were then mixed with some wood chip mulch and applied to designated areas for testing.
  • Control zones were established to compare the performance of treated areas with untreated sections, ensuring accurate assessment.


  • Treated areas exhibited minimal to no snow accumulation over the course of two days, demonstrating the effectiveness of our deicer in preventing snow buildup.
  • In contrast, untreated zones experienced significant snow buildup, highlighting the clear distinction in outcomes between treated and untreated surfaces.
  • Our tests underscored the versatility of ReSalt, showcasing successful results across various surfaces commonly encountered in winter environments.

As we eagerly await the opportunity to launch our product, we’re committed to further refining our formulation, optimizing performance, and ensuring affordability for our customers. With each step forward, we’re inching closer to our vision of a winter season that’s not only manageable but also eco-friendly and delightful.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability in winter maintenance. Together, let’s embrace progress and welcome the positive change that ReSalt promises to bring to our snowy world.

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